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The Next Step ND is a financial and relationship building program for survivors of human trafficking who are working to get established back into the community. After shelter care, victims typically have a financial need and are looking for a positive community environment. This program fills this gap and restores hope to those who feel lost.

The Next Step ND have been able to serve many ways thanks to all your generous donations! Here are some of the ways we have been able to help others: Car repairs, food, clothing, rent, utilities, crib/baby needs, Christmas and birthday gifts, blessing bags for homeless youth, family entertainment, 40 devotionals, women's christian events, gift cards, winter boots/coats and bedding. Our last survivor was labor trafficked on a farm in ND. We were able to find a decent used car for him so he can get to his new job and rebuild his life. This work couldn't happen without your donations and support, so we thank you all for your financial and prayer support. To God be the glory in all we do!!